View Full Version : Corrupted Graphics?

18th Nov 2007, 05:41
I've just installed Kane & Lynch, and when I start the game, this is what it looks like.


Intel Core 2 Duo E6750
nVidia 8800GT - 169.04 and 169.09 Drivers have been used.
2GB Dual Channel

Nothing overclocked. 1680x1050, default gfx settings in the game.

18th Nov 2007, 10:14
I remember I got this too, but don't remember which game and how I solved it.
At first sight your computer looks ok, but it's definately your computer, not the game.

- do you have a cheap motherboard? or simply the wrong one.
- did you reinstall the game after installing drivers?
- Does your copy still have warranty, 'cause I would trade it for another one as fast as humanly possible.

18th Nov 2007, 12:00

I take it you have other games installed on your pc now and you tried them to see if the issue is on those as well?


1. Uninstall
2. Defrag
3. Run Directx 9c's setup from the MS site.. fixed an issue for me once..
4. Reinstall

If there's still an issue, return the cd but don't put it off until after thursday, black friday is coming after all.. And god be with anyone who decides to go out on black friday..

21st Nov 2007, 17:49
Now thats freaky looking.

have you tried dropping everything to minimum detail and lower resolution. just to diagnose the issue more.

Yes your graphics card is top end and will run the game great (i know as we tested the game on that card here) but to help us understand where ya problem lies try scaling things back. If the issue still occurs then we can look into other things (have you seen my thread about vista users, if you are indeed a vista user)