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17th Nov 2007, 16:17
I Just Bought This Game Yesterday And Haven't Played It Very Long At All And I Am Stuck I Have Tried A Thousand Times And Still Can't Figure It Out. Well Here Is The Spot It's Called "looking For My Car" I Meet The Vaultbreaker Then I Climb On The Dumpster And Jump Over The Wall Then I Can't Figure Out What To Do Next The Cop Keeps Spotting Me And Failing My Mission. Please Help

17th Nov 2007, 16:50
This is what I did.
Climb over the rail and run to the right and hide in the entrance to the parking lot. I made my team guys wait there. I moved to the edge where the plant box began and posted on up on the wall, and watch the guy. Every few seconds he will turn his head and look towards you then look back. After he turns his head towards you climb the plant box and make your way to the parking lot exit. post up on the wall again. Wait until he turns his head and then sprint run towards him. When you get close enough hit A and take him out. I then ran inside to the other guard and took him out with A also. At that time I called the others to come to me.

17th Nov 2007, 17:48
You just have to kill the second guy before he calls in reinforcements, if you just walk up to the first guy, kill him with action, then rush the second with sprint and do the same, its easy.