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4th Dec 2013, 21:49
Lets make it short:
1) The game needs a quick tutorial for classes. this can be either a video showing how to play with each class OR an actual game tutorial(like FORGE's tutorial for an example)

2) Its really hard to actually find some people to play. If i get to play like 3-5 matches a day i may consider myself lucky guy.

3) I liked the store, while skins and boosters costs real money, other stuff like perks and abilities cots ingame money that are a pretty easy gain, ~70-90 for loss with the average cost of 350 is really good, though, like i said in 2) at this moment even that amount of coins is hard gain.

4)Skills in a store need a preview. Easy-peasy i got to know what im buying. Little windows with video which plays this certain skill is a must have.( example Continent of Ninth Seal's skills preview.

5) Humans seems to be a bit overpowered. Id rather see them with less health, relaying on cooperetion and supporting each other to survive, then easily going 1 on 1 vs tyrant, dodging his charge and killing hm with ease. So to keep it clear i felt like there were some ballance issues.

6) Visuals are great for such kind of a game, nothing to say more.

7) Im not sure about this one, but i guess i would rather see it than dont.
I couldnt really find any other ways to communicate with my team but chat. It can be affective if you're typing fast, enemy team is far away, your buddies cover you etc., but when you being raped by a reaver just behind the corner and you cant even scream for help for them to react fast it is not fair.
Can their be like a basic communication keys, for example "Z" - Follow me!, "X" - Need help!, "C" - Incoming! ?
This would make a cooperative gameplay a much easier thing to achieve.

That's all for now, ill add some more some time later. Thanks for your time.

5th Dec 2013, 18:06
Agree with point 1. Most of the time i have no idea what i doing.

5th Dec 2013, 18:42
1) If you go into the options menu there is a list of key bindings for each class, its not very visual or easy to absorb but its there. Feel free to ask for help, a lot of the older players (including myself) are wiling to help, regardless of teams when asked.

2) I believe that the matchmaking is something that is in the works (dev can correct me if I'm wrong). It can take awhile, but its getting better as more people come in. (I play NA, so this is what I notice)

4) I think the descriptions are enough personally, the costs are relatively cheap so by the time you figure out one ability really well you can pick up another to try out.

5) Right now vampires are more favoured, it takes smart play from a human team to beat vampires that have even a couple games under the belt. Generally if a human team can just trail a vampire's score, then they'll succeed as vamps easy. The balance is there, but there are huge skill gaps that can make things seem over/under powered right now

8th Dec 2013, 00:49
They actually cover a lot of your concerns/suggestions in their Q&A (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nDPsL1IX1Yc). I suggest you watch it since they were taking and answering live-tweeted community questions that are similar to your statements.