View Full Version : Heartless' Ideas/suggestions

17th Nov 2007, 06:47
ok, theres been a lot of talk about this game, on and off, its good its bad. in my opinion, i think that they did a great job making this game, they just left certain things out that would really boost the popularity of this game. the average grade iv seen this game get is between a 6 and a 8. and thats descent but not good enough. K&L is a very fun game, it needs very little change and some new content and im not talking about new maps.
My suggestions:
Different Spawns for enemy A.I.'s in each map
Team Deathmatch/Deathmatch
Online Co-op :)
New weapons to choose from online

In my opinion, having all of these things would change peoples minds of getting it, instead of them waiting for it to get cheaper or renting it.


p.s. i think the aiming is fine.