View Full Version : Fragile Alliance Blow Up Escaping Van

17th Nov 2007, 05:50
Does anyone know if this is possible, and if so, how.

Ive tried a couple of times and never been able to do it, and i was pretty sure that i heard that you could at some point.

Also, ow to i intentionally drop money, it suggests it in the game, but ive never seen anyone do it, or know how to.

20th Nov 2007, 23:15
Yes, you can blow up the get away van and kill anyone inside it. Simply just keep shooting it, I typically try to get a frag underneath it and then open fire on it.

The only time I've successfully blew it up though is with the help of two others, so 3 people total shooting it (without the use of frags). It's a great way to stop someone from getting away because hardly anyone expects it and really adds tension to the match when you think you've made it out and they start firing on the van.

I don't know how to intentionally drop money, but I do know you drop money whenever you get shot as it acts as a shield, so the more damage you take the more money you drop. So I suppose if you wanted, you could have your friend shoot you (not enough to kill) so you can drop money for them.