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16th Nov 2007, 12:55
Hello everyone Im new to the forums here. I Have purchased the Xbox360 Version of the game and I Beat it Day 1. Now I Purchased the game for the Multiplayer and I never buy games for the singleplayer. I thought to my self wow fragile alliance its never been done before so its gotta be great right? I played about 2 days straight of fragile alliance and I enjoy it alot besides the fact that they only have 4 maps and 3 different sets of weaponry. When I was following up with the developer interviews I thought the game would have there own character custimization system and I also thought that you get to Customize all of your weapons with the money you pull off on the heists. Now all of this would of helped boost sales for the game including if Eidoes got there netcoding right with the coop. I understand guys its not easy to make a game matter fact its pretty damn hard to make a game where everyone dosent get frustrated (IE Halo). I just wanted to know when are the new maps and weapons coming out via Downloadble Content. Ive read online about it and would like a release date estimate. Dosent have to be the same exact time but would it come out by the middle to end of december? I love the game and dont mind the controls and horrid A.I system but The multiplayer was my main reason for getting it and its already getting a little boring considering there only 4 maps with no custimization what so ever. Over all Im happy with the game but I just would like to know if there gonna get that DLC out for us by next month because I Would like to return the game to gamestop for an exchange if they dont get it. ( No offense Eidos its a great game) But for 65 Dollars I want atleast more maps for multiplayer with guns and customization if possible. Thanks alot any input from an offical eidos rep would be nice. P.S Forget the reviews I say K&L Get 6's and 7's from every site and I still bought the game cause ive been with eidos since hitman 47 about 10 years ago for pc and Now Im a Xbox 360 fan.

16th Nov 2007, 16:42

Im a patient guy.... Would like to know when the downloadble content is going to come out? Im not asking for a specific date but a ballpark estimate maybe 2 weeks a month 2 months??? I cant see myself playing the same 4 maps over and over and am starting to feel jipped :(

Its been a whole 36 Hours and I still have no reply I mean its bad enough that you guys bull****ted us and ive bought every hitman game outthere now your just gonna turn your backs on us?

Also FYI I Started this thread for a simple answer from someone I never waited this long in any forum for an answer this long. Mind you ive gone to some ****ty forums....

Wow Still no reply....

18th Nov 2007, 02:21
Calm down, be patient, whining isn't going to get your answer any earlier. :rasp:

18th Nov 2007, 18:19
Hey Honestly Im not the type that whines It just upsets me to have to wait 4-5 days for a reply. I just wanted to know if they would have the DLC (Downloadble Content) For the game before christmas a Simple answer and I wasnt getting a simple reply. Anyways Im not complaining about the game being short or bad graphics or all this other stuff everyone is complaining about. I think its only fair to have atleast 10 multiplayer maps and 5 sets of guns maybe even 10 sets of guns. Different pistols also. Thanks alot and im sorry I got a little impatient there I just see massive amounts of potential for this game and like I said Ive been with Eidos since 1994 (Hitman Glacier Engine) And Im a steady customer who appreciates there products. Thanks

Oh Also this is for Xobx 360 not pc or ps3. :)

Since Im not getting a reply here ill open up a new thread with a new title named "New Multiplayer maps?"

26th Nov 2007, 09:11
There are several more FA levels on their way which you can look forward to:)

26th Nov 2007, 12:00
The extra missions will be out in the beginning of 2008. Sorry for the loong waiting for a reply. I´ll talk to the community manager.

27th Nov 2007, 21:17
Hey as long as you replied its cool but I have A Downloadble content thread if someone would like to merge this with my other thread that would be great. (Dont wanna take up anymore space then I have to ) :)