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15th Nov 2007, 13:21
A lot of gamers bring up graphics and online capabilities when they discuss and/or review games, they may even bring up the story. But to me the first thing I look for in a game is the theme. I don't like sci fi games, I don't like fps games and I hate war games. So games like Crysis, although very graphically intense, just don't cut it. It could look like real life but gunning down aliens isn't my idea of fun.

Kane and Lynch however has a theme I can get into, I love Michael Mann movies and Heat was great. Its fun to play a game where I get to play the criminal, one can't be a hero all of the time. So right off the bat the game has a theme I can get into. Now Gamespot says it has a few flaws with the AI and shooting, those are two flaws I can agree with them on. What I cannot agree with them on is the co-op mode and the graphics. I personally find the graphics from what I can see in the trailers to be sufficient. Sure, cutting edge graphics are great, but I can do without.

As for online, I know a lot of people are into the online thing these days. In fact it seems to be more important to some than a good sp game. I on the other hand prefer sp. Its fun to once in awhile play online with a few people but gaming is more of my escape from people heh. I deal with people for work, I talk to my friends online and on the phone.. so when I need a break I boot up a game. So playing online with people sort of defeats part of the reason why I enjoy games.

What I'm getting at is this. I don't think its fair for game sites to score a game based on its mp and sp. The MP should be a seperate score from the sp score, otherwise its confusing if one was to just go by the score rather than read the entire review. And even if one was to read the entire review, sometimes that review seems biased due to the fact the reviewer is asshurt because the mp wasn't everything they wanted it to be.

As for Crytek and Crysis. They really do go all out graphic wise, Far Cry was very pretty for its time. To bad they weren't willing to make a game where one doesn't just run around shooting baddies and instead does something somewhat contreversial. As it stands right now I have to rely on IO, Rockstar and Running with Scissors to make the games that are somewhat innovative and avoid the silly war and sci fi cliches.

15th Nov 2007, 14:27
I agree you get into a game because of it's theme or appeal. But when Reviewer puts their opinion on a game and does a balanced review like the one at Gametrailers, where they show the pro's and the cons it's really hard to dispute it.

For example they talked about how instead of having the standard, horizontal splitscreen it was verticle, how the AI was sub-standard, and how cover mechanics can be detrimental to the gamer which could be frustrating along with shooting which wasn't accurate.

I HIGHLY disagree that MP and SP should get different scores when you're talking about a game OVERALL. If you where to review the game on SP alone it still would fall short, on the fundermental issues that plague it likewise the MP this wouldn't change. Watch any video and you can blatently see them. Does this stop gamers from buying it and looking past such issues? No it doesn't. But you cannot complain when reviewers bring up issues which bothers them, and could bother others.

I do think Gamespots review was very biased and higly negative, it wasn't a neutral review, if you go back and check their Hitman - Silent Assassin Score which got a substandard 5 you will know what I mean.

The reason why the game gets so badly knocked down in the online department is because in fragile Alliance, the AI is ike SP braindead in certain instances, locations of enemies are the same, replay value dies off. These are valid points, unless you're saying that it isn't? There is no SP co-op online apart from offline, and like above it doesn't follow standard splitscreen it has vertigo, another reason why it got knocked down a score.

The problem with most reviwers I think if they wont give big titles low scores, Crysis for example is Far Cry with betetr graphics and a exo suit, instead of overgrown monkeys it's aliens, the boats the cars act exactly the same as Far Cry. The game feels like a Modification then a new game made ground up, how many reviwers will pick that up? Doubt any will.

15th Nov 2007, 18:56
The problem with most reviwers I think if they wont give big titles low scores, Crysis for example is Far Cry with betetr graphics and a exo suit, instead of overgrown monkeys it's aliens, the boats the cars act exactly the same as Far Cry. The game feels like a Modification then a new game made ground up, how many reviwers will pick that up? Doubt any will.

Just to pull this part out alone... have you actually played Far Cry and Crysis?

Far Cry was a pretty good game, and pretty original. Great graphics as well. (This is all for its time)

Crysis? There's a lot of hype. Too much hype. If you believe the hype over any game, you'll be disappointed. One of the reasons I see much complaining over games like Hellgate: London, which is a solid game, but there was too much hype in the fanbase for it to ever live up to it. However, Crysis is a *good* game. It feels fantastic while playing it. It looks fantastic. The story is interesting. If the game style/story isn't to your liking, then you won't like it no matter how good it is.

K&L however? There's been hype, sure. But a large disappointment about the release is because of the FEATURES that have been hyped up. It is a game based around two characters, and has been hyped (by the developers) for a long time to feature co-op multiplayer. In this day and age, I (and many others) assumed this meant online co-op. If the AI wasn't great, or the story wasn't fantastic, that would be alright if it had solid online/LAN co-op for many people. However, it's not.

This doesn't speak for everybody. Only for those who really wanted online/LAN co-op. The reason we're seeing so many complaints is because the people who are upset are complaining... the people who are content are busy playing Kane & Lynch, and therefore too busy to waste time on a forum like this. :)

With that said, I'm disappointed in the lack of online/LAN co-op. While I don't believe it was ever explicitly said that there would be online/LAN co-op, it'd be like releasing Crysis and then saying a few days before release 'Oh, yeah, there's no online/LAN play for Crysis. If you want to try our fantastic multiplayer features, you'll need to play splitscreen. Hey, we never said it would be INTERNET multiplayer.'


Just my opinion. There's a reasonable chance somebody will hack the game anyway and allow for LAN/Online co-op play for PC. And if that happens, I'll happily spend $100 on a pair of K&L copies. :)

15th Nov 2007, 22:05
Well I still think MP elements should have an individual review or at least not affect the score at all. I see MP elements as an added extra for those who are into that sort of thing. But keep in mind, I was weened on an atari 2600 and playing with friends back then meant hooking up a second controller and having them sit right there with me. I remember hanging with friends, having a few beers and spending hours in front of the snes playing Mortal Kombat, those were good days.

Postal 3 appears to be a third person shooter, now thats a game I'm excited about. I loved the first postal but the second let me down because of it being an fps. If 3 remains a third person shooter, I am so there on the day of release. The AI may be crap.. the graphics may not be as pretty as Crysis but it'll be amusing.. diabolical and twisted.

My point is of Kane and Lynch lets me down I know that I'll have Postal 3 to get my bad guy kicks. And I'm sure after that GTA 4 will at least have a scheduled release date for the pc. I'm assuming they'll play it out the way they did San Andreas, the console version will come out and then 4-5 months later the PC version. It would be great however if it was ported sooner.

Its fun being bad.. but it's all about the land of fiction because in the really real world I'd want to see Kane, Lynch and the Postal dude in prison heh..

16th Nov 2007, 02:53
Crysis is using an Updated Far Cry Engine, thus Crysis has reminsence of Far Cry. Go back and play Far Cry alot of the things you could do in that is exacly a carbon copy in Crysis up to inclduin g fighting on a tropical island. The boats and cars handle the same, you can shoot down tree's the same too, what sells it is the graphics and physics engine nothing more. I have yet to hear a majority talk about the gameplay, but mainly the graphics. This is all good and well but it's the same old thing, instead of monkeys on steroids this time it's aliens who threaten earth. The game needs more originality then that.

Assassins Creed which looks really good, might not be AS good as Crysis in graphics but has, great detail, gameplay and story to top it off. I find the game more appealing especially after playing here in the Uk for a good 4 hours.

Kane and Lych has had alot of hype but most of that was due to the actual appeal of the gameplay, and the fact the it's from the creators of hitman. The game is actually innovative in many areas, it just fails to produce the goods it seems, where it should of done way better. The online co-op is kinda odd for me why have co-op achievements when a majority won't get them...

16th Nov 2007, 12:29
I so want to play Assassins Creed, have to wait till february though. Those I know who have played Crysis, K&L and AC have said AC blows both away. Gamespot just gave Crysis a 9.5 because they're aesthetic whores, simple as that. They also gave HL2 a high rating and there was nothing innovative about HL2, it just had pretty graphics for the time. I mean the story was ass and the gameplay was no different than any other fps. Now Far Cry has that sandbox thing, and it was somewhat fresh so it deserved the high rating, Crysis is just a re-invented, prettier version of that game though so it doesn't deserve an even higher score or even the same score as FC.

So now there's three games on my wish list..

K&L which I already put 40 down on..
Assassins Creed
Postal 3

Hopefully AC for the PC isn't just a console port.. anyone know for sure?