View Full Version : I need this answered or i will feel like a jerk.

15th Nov 2007, 01:52
I bought Kayne and Lynch , and i have perfect 5 green bar connection on xbox live. But when i goto play fragiloe allience it says cannot connect with server EVERY time
it will say you have left the game or does no trespon and freezes. is it microsoft or eidos who is preventing me from playing this game ?

thank you so much:cool:

16th Nov 2007, 00:25
its both of them

24th Feb 2008, 22:48
The connection problems I've had (and I'm on the PC version so I assume this *could* also apply to the Xbox version) seem to be related to which ports you have open.

When I have all my ports open, Kane & Lynch seems to run smoothly, but there are still some instances where I cannot join a game that has been made for whatever reason... I can only assume that whoever was hosting the game I can't join doesn't have their ports open...

Every game I host has worked flawlessly with no lag or anything. So I'd make sure all your ports are open.