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benny's taffer boy
14th Nov 2007, 04:26
Hey guys, I'm trying to install Thief 1 on my Windows XP computer. It keeps telling me that "Thief cannot install to Windows NT due to Direct X[tm] limitations." I have no clue what the deal is. I know that Windows XP is NT based but Direct X should be no problem. I'm guessing Thief 1 would much rather run on an old MS-DOS/9x based OS like Windows 95/98. I have some old computers I could run it on, but I'd like to get Thief running on this comp if I could.

Any ideas? Possibly install an MS-DOS emulator?

14th Nov 2007, 08:17
How do I install Thief on Windows 2000, Windows XP or Windows Vista?
Go to Start, then Run, then type d:\setup.exe -lgntforce, where d:\ is your CDrom/DVDrom drive. (note: that's -lgntforce, lowercase "L". If you're unsure, copy and paste it from here.) This problem arises because Win2K, WinXP and Vista are based on the NT kernel, which had DirectX support which was flaky at best. Thief needs DirectX to run, so, when the installer sees the NT kernel, it assumes that the game isn't going to be able to run and quits the installation. The -lgntforce switch tells the installer to ignore the NT kernel and install anyway.

benny's taffer boy
14th Nov 2007, 20:59
thanks the Blackman, you really saved my beans :D