View Full Version : MISC. Just some quick feedback and suggestions

4th Dec 2013, 20:30
Played for a good few hours over the last few days and I have to say so far this game is shaping up to be fantastic. So much fun to play.

Will get the obvious out of the way first. The matchmaking system needs work, it takes a a fair while to find enough players for the match, whether that's to do with the system itself or the amount of players online I don't know.

Balance looks like it could do with ironing out too. Had several cases where humans could hide in a room with a couple of alchemists and easily dominate all but the most organised attackers. Also had cases of a full team of sentinals being incredibly difficult to fight. Understandably, I'm not the best player out there but these situations seem so much harder to combat than others that arise.

Last issue I noticed is the reaver's pounce regularly doesn't work correctly, sometimes clipping scenery causing it to miss, and others it just misses outright without obvious cause.

That's all that springs to mind that I've found fault with so I'll move onto suggestions.

Will give a quick mention to game modes as this game would work far better with objective based gameplay. Team deathmatch is fun enough but it would be great to see some original modes where the objectives are designed around the abilities of each team. Something to take advantage of, and really highlight the asymmetry of the game.

I'm boring myself now so one more thing and then I'm gonna stop.

I'd like to see a kind of spot/call system implemented, so if an enemy is in my line of sight I can announce it to my team and have them visible for a second or two. There have been a few occasions of aimlessly wandering trying to find the enemy, this kind of feature would help to up the pace a little when everyone loses each other.

Anyhow, I'm done. Seriously fun game so far, looking forward to playing more :)