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13th Nov 2007, 15:02
EBgames website has changed the ship date for the PC version to 11/20/07. Amazon shows a PC release of 11/16/07. Best Buy is the only one I can see still showing a 11/14/07 release date!!! If the PC version is really delayed, but the PS3 version is still arriving tomorrow, I'm going with PS3 for now and will pickup PC when it comes out.


13th Nov 2007, 15:48
Yeah that sucks. If eb doesn't have tomorrow then ill just get Soldier of Fortune Payback while I wait.

13th Nov 2007, 20:42
no, all seems well. today ign posted it has been shipped out today across america for retail. so hopefully tomorrow everyone will be able to pick it up in the states

13th Nov 2007, 22:40
Sublime, I sure hope you're right.

14th Nov 2007, 22:43
Yeah I dont know whats going on.

Gamestop.com and EBGames.com says (as of today being the 14th)=Ships within 24hrs.

Eidos Interactive says "In Stores Now"

Kane and Lynch Official Website says "In Stores Nov 14th"

Kane and Lynch for PC DVD (Windows) thru Amazon.com says November 16th

Buy.com for PC DVD (mainly cause I'm buying this for PC DVD) says Shipping but hurry while supplies last.

Best Buy.com all says (all platforms) Available November 14th

WalMart.com for PC DVD says November 16th

And finally...............

My local Gamestop store at 1pm didnt have it yet and their system says "Ships the 20th"

I will call later tonight, perhaps it came in after I left.

Whats weird is that Erin from Gamestop (automated system) didnt call me about Kane and Lynch. I got 2/3 phone calls from her saying that Need for Speed Pro Street and Crysis would be available for me to pick up at the store today (November 14th) but no call about Kane and Lynch.

15th Nov 2007, 16:47
Heres some wishful thinking. Maybe Eidos delayed one week before production to include online co-op for the PC. :D

Maybe thats why we've only really seen reviews on gamespot and IGN for the console versions of the game only. PC version doesn't have a score yet.


15th Nov 2007, 18:47
Heres some wishful thinking. Maybe Eidos delayed one week before production to include online co-op for the PC. :D

Wishful thinking indeed... if that's true, I'll be at the store before it opens to try and get two copies. =/

If not, I won't bother until it's $15 in a bargain bin.

18th Nov 2007, 20:44
So yeah, I just came back from bestbuy and they had the pc version in stock. LOL, I think i'll never preorder anything on the pc from gamespot ever again. This is the second time this has happened.

19th Nov 2007, 01:10
EB's automated system called me today to tell me the game would be in tomorrow afternoon.

Besides, I got the super cool shirt for pre-ordering it. Of course its x-large and I'm not a cow so I can't wear it.. but hey.. I got a shirt.. :P.

21st Nov 2007, 16:25
Checked the site were i order my games. New release date 2007-11-30 all platforms. Was to come out on 23.

Kane & lynch get back in the elevator and shut up.

Who is the sissy now? :scratch: