View Full Version : Kane and Lynch Impressions and Interview

12th Nov 2007, 19:53
Hey guys, I had the chance to visit Eidos for Kane and Lynch community day (which was a lot of fun. Everyone at Eidos is hospitable to the max). I played the SP and MP and sat down with David Bamberger regarding the game. You can check out the impressions and podcast at the following links. Also, by listening in you can enter yourself to win one of five Kane and Lynch Dead Men T-shirts:

Warning: The impressions and podcast has some spoilers .



You guys are really going to dig Fragile Alliance, I can't wait to see you all online. Gamertag is my forum name!

12th Nov 2007, 21:27
awesome im looking forward to this game more than ever before. i hope gamestop calls me tomorrow telling me to pick it up. i'll be playin on PC and my gamertag is sublime90 for anyone intrested. see ya