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12th Nov 2007, 16:40
Does anyone have a link to a listing of special elite units availible in the game?

Before everyone calls me a nublet, I am not talking about the 5 super powers that we play.

I am taking about special hidden units that only appear if you hold a minor capital and develop it through 3rd era tech.

For example:

The top cavalry unit for melee is the era 3 elite, right? We all get them right? Oops... guess again.

Standard Elite Cav is 99 armor/toughness and 71 melee attack

There is a minor power Cav unit that has 104 armor/toughness and 80 melee attack, and no, it isnt an african unit.

Was just curious is anyone else knows of any minor nations that are worthwhile to target to gain access to top end units.

13th Nov 2007, 00:40

4th Dec 2007, 01:11
Hey guys, I know that I am a Oldy at this but wtf. I download a patch for the IG v1.1 and it says when I extract it, Files couldn't be transfered and it stops. Help1

25th Jan 2008, 15:31
VERY nice link there officerpuppy, thank you

26th Mar 2008, 13:45
torvol i would recomend polish lancer they have 104 armor and very much 99 CC and they r just cool:) but the only problem is u have to have poland to get them but that should not be a very big problem:D