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12th Nov 2007, 15:11
I plugged in my 360 controller to my computer and downloaded the drivers to make the pc recognize it as a game pad, but when i try to use it, i cant get it to work. If i plug it in before i run the game, then when i click on the input key select the game crashes. i then tried starting the game, then plugging in the controller. Now the game doesn't crash when i try to select my input, but i cant get any of the buttons to register. It auto-assigned y for forward, -y backward, -x left and x right but i cant get any of the other buttons to work. anyone know how to get the game pad to work with the game? its not impossible to play the game via keyboard and mouse, but for games like this its sometimes nice to have access to every button in the palm of your hand.

Also, is there a way to script button inputs. like y > 0 and y < 50 is walk while y > 50 is run? I doubt it, but its a thought

12th Nov 2007, 16:05
I sometimes use a gamepad to play Thief, also a 360 controller as you have. I use a program called Pinnacle Game Profiler, not free but very powerful and worth the small cost.

12th Nov 2007, 19:07
See, I dont play many PC games, so paying for a program that [im not sure what it does... does it organize buttonsets, or games, or hardware...] just wouldnt be worth it to me. I mean, I can play thief with keyboard and mouse, but i think it would be easier if i could just use a controler. If i have to pay, however, i'd just as soon use a keybaord

13th Nov 2007, 00:55
If, as I presume it is, a USB pad, THIEF has problems with those. Do a search for USB and you will find lots of comments on problems with gamepads and joysticks and ways to fix them.

Keywords: USB GAMEPAD JOYSTICK to start with. Use the generic search, or the Search this forum. Both in the specific THIEF game, and in the various general THIEF forums.