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7th Nov 2007, 20:56

I've been away for a while from the community and to be honest I'm getting frustrated by the fact that it seems no Thief IV is really on the game house's schedule. That's too bad! ****

I've plaied all Thiefs thousands of times...discovered everything...and NOW I NEED MORE!!!! :mad2:

I've seen another game called...hold on...Assassin's Crid that looks great, but I think that in the end it'll turn out soooooo banal and despite its visual perfection with noooooooooo atmosphere whatsoever :(


7th Nov 2007, 22:51
There are some 300 or 400 FM's. There is T2X. Play those. Many are actually better than the originals. And a hell of a lot better than T3.

8th Nov 2007, 01:24
Over 600 actually! But yeah, play some and get your Thief fix!

8th Nov 2007, 19:36
I haven't understood one single thing of you wrote.

What's T2X? FM's?


I feel totally lost every single time one of you super genious of video games of any sort talk with your secret codes!

Please....be supportive and elaborate!


8th Nov 2007, 19:52
Just google search those terms and learn. You don't need us to explain. Just click on some of the Thief site links and you will very quickly understand.

Shadow Creepr
8th Nov 2007, 20:27
What's T2X? FM's?

There is the FM (Fan Mission) FAQs here (http://forums.eidosgames.com/old-ubb/) or here (http://www.ttlg.com/forums/showthread.php?t=48202)that should help.

This is the link to T2X (http://www.ttlg.com/forums/showthread.php?t=96688).

9th Nov 2007, 14:00
as to how to install "Darkloader" (an app that allows you to play the FM's without much fuss or muss, etc.) don't feel shy about asking questions. There are many really nice ppl here to help. :) There are also some additional files you'll need to get (as explained in the FAQ) and install into your Thief2 main Directory...so be sure and read carefully what you need to do and how-to's. Then you'll have the ability to play Thief FM's for many many months and still have more than you could ever want...cause they're still being made! :D Good Luck and Good Hunting!

9th Nov 2007, 22:22
...Shadow Creeper and Huntress for their suggestions.

As far as Komag is concerned, instead, this is the second or third time that you show more hostility than anything else in your replies.

Just explain me one thing: why do you spend time typing me absololutely, totally, incredibly, ludicrous unhelpful replies? You've got huge time to lose and although you can do anything you wish with it, please, from now on avoid to involve me in any further communication. Did I call for your nastiness? NOOOOO! Just avoid me from now on, alright? I don't even wish for you to comment this last one. Ignore me, please.

In second instance, if you pose your cerebra for a second on the activity of thinking, you will realise that if I ask for suggestions to people in a community/forum is because in this way I don't have to google around.
Wow! It wasn't so difficult to deduct this, was it?

10th Nov 2007, 03:12
I'm sorry that you got that impression from my reply. I was simply trying to say that you don't have to wait for forum replies, because that can take many hours, whereas you can find out all you need to know within a few minutes on your own. My comment was to try to help show you that this is possible for you, not to be rude or mean or anything. I should have typed it better, sorry about that.

I went back and found that other post you metioned:
In that thread it seems a similar thing happened, I typed a brief reply and you took it personally as rude when it wasn't meant to be, and I apologized there for the misunderstanding too.

11th Nov 2007, 11:14
...you explained!

I'll keep in mind you're a user of short, dry words, but that despite this you've got a snowhite heart! :D

Geez, can you imagine if we talked face to face? The III W.W. or maybe the idea for a new game.

Next time I've got a problem I'm gonna ask straight away for your advice, let's see how it goes :p

13th Nov 2007, 02:52

I have looked at Komag's responses here and in the referenced thread. I find nothing offensive in them. Komag's responses were adequate, if terse. You should consider that, as a newbie, you need to do a little homework to understand what is going on. There is a search button on the top of the page. You cannot expect someone to write you an individualized tutorial just because you might not understand the reply. Do not berate people who are trying to help you.

For example, if someone says "FM," and you do not understand what FM means, the proper response is first to do a search and then to ask nicely what it means, not to accuse them of using secret codes.

13th Nov 2007, 19:03
Sometimes the replies around here are taken way too seriously, and given too seriously. Imo.

You know, not everyone may be aware of what a search function is. Asking a simple question, asking for help, and wanting a basic answer. A new person gets a rather blunt reply, that can sometimes, not be very helpful. We take it for granted, because we know, and we've been here for so long.

How is a person suppose to use the search function, when they barely know what they are looking for.

I have to say, the way that things have been worded around here, and sometimes how things have been handled, I do think people have been run off. There has been a decline in the forum, for a long time, it isn't just one thing.
But, for the new people that come around here, can't we show a bit of decorum, and maybe some leniency.
We want people to post, they may not know everything, lets show them the right way to do things, give them some guidance, and maybe they just might stick around.

19th Nov 2007, 20:52
...it's not a question of being offensive. In fact my reaction was not to call in a mediator (which would have been quite out of proportion) but simply to ask K., with which I had already communication problems in the past, to ignore me which is entirely within my rights and actually quite polite!
Having said that, let me point out few other things: The first is that I can make my research by asking to people (unless you are determined to prove me that there is only one type of way of researching, which is a bit of a nonsense) so I did what suggested only in a different way from the one K. possibly intended. Am I obliged to follow a specific path or am I free to ask relevant game questions to whom I want within the Forum? Is this an open Forum or a monopolistic space for the games experts so that if you cannot define yourself as such you are very likely to receive from others dry and a bit unfriendly replies?
Secondly, let me tell you that in a Community you are expected to meet people who have, although at different levels, the same interests and with whom you would like to share knowledge but also you feel safe to open up over things you actually do not know. Receiving replies that don't stimulate this positive exchange is very, very sad indeed and demonstrate a poor management of the community.

In any case, with K. everything was settled. He kindly apologies, and I am very well intentioned to not close my communication door. What's better than that?

20th Nov 2007, 04:59
It would have been much simpler and more polite if you had simply said, "I don't understand what XXX means. Please explain." than to subject us to your psychoanalysis. And, as has been said, there is a search function if you do not want to ask for clarification. My advice here, as with any other internet site, is to try to blend in quietly with the people who are already there, and don't complain when people try to help you. We do not expect new people to know our jargon. Neither do we expect to be called "super genious of video games of any sort [who] talk with your secret codes" or to have this forum called a "monopolistic space for the games experts". That, along with your other remarks, is insulting. I and others here have helped hundreds of new people like yourself, who are far from being experts, without the slightest issue or any accusations. Be less confrontational, and we should get along.

This thread has gotten crazy, so I am going to close it. If you want help, ask nicely and with respect in another thread. If you don't like my style of forum moderation, send me a PM (that's Private Message).