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5th Nov 2007, 00:41
I'm a huge Conflict-head. I have played and completed all 4 games multiple times. I became such a fan that I even researched past Take 2 Interactive games and discovered the Spec Ops Series. They are like the Conflict games except you control two-man teams. Check them out on the PSOne. Highly recommend.

Assuming that for quality assurance purposes the makers of our beloved Conflict games read these posts for feedback, does anyone have comments or suggestions for this next installment of the series or future installments?

I, myself, have quite a few. As disappointed as I am that the fifth game does not follow the last storyline, I still think it looks like its goin to be a great game. I think they should stick to the 3rd person, though I did like the 1st person mode from C: Vietnam where you look through the actual weapons reticles. Especially being a veteran myself it was cool to look through the sights of an M16 again.

Taking another attribute from C: Vietnam, I liked how you could assign points to improve your characters after missions. Though I do remember reading that the developers did that because the squad from C: Vietnam were still raw, where as our boys Bradley, Foley, Jones, and Conners are all combat hardened vets already. It's still a cool option though.

Last, but certainly not least, believe when I say I can write a book with the suggestions I have, it's great that the fifth game is coming out on the next gen systems, but what about the fans that still can't afford them. My suggestion for that is they should continue to follow the C: GT storyline on the PS2 and other system as "budget" games and develop the newer games and characters on the next-gen systems.

Just a few of my personal suggestions and opinions. I'ma huge fan and just want to know what anyone else thinks.

Bobs Back
5th Nov 2007, 14:20
I agree with your ideas and..........

One big feature i didnt like about the 4th in the series, which may mean nothing in the 5th was the dancing clowns.

When i played (and loved) the first three games, you placed a troop where you wanted them to be, easy enough. But in the third game there was a problem (which i named dancing clowns), it was this.

1, They didnt stay put. Every time they were shot at they ran around making thier auto shooting miss.

2, Every time you left them for more than 1 min they sat down, and some times turned around to face away from where you had them.

The first is easy to fix, go back to the first three games AI for being shot at, ie they shoot back, and only run away from grenades.

The second shouldnt of even been in the game, as we are playing special forces troops, ie their tough and should stay where i put them.

22nd Nov 2007, 02:02
I like those ideas. here are mine.
Why is it that in conflict global storm when you leave Sherman to snipe on her own, she always switches to her smg? when you equip a gun to someone they should keep using it until it is empty, or it is otherwise essential to change, like when there's a tank.
Another thing that bugged me was the amount of time it takes your guys to open fire when an enemy appears. Usually by the time they start shooting they're already dead. They're supposed to be the best dammit!

22nd Nov 2007, 13:09
1. 3rd person view
2. 4 man teams
3 It won't BE conflict without the above.

26th Nov 2007, 17:17

Been looking forward to it!!

Played all of the others co-op buzzed off being Bradley and Connors, the missus was Foley and Jonsey, she said Sherman sucks!!

Was looking forward to more of the same, ****

Wanted to save Foley, he was wicked.

27th Nov 2007, 22:23
1. 3rd person view
2. 4 man teams
3 It won't BE conflict without the above.

I agree!
Just one more thing...
Were did the 4-player Co-Op Splitscreen go?!?!
Maybe me and my friends are the only one (seems like it) who play console (x-box) games together in the same room. We had so much fun playing, eating pizza and drinking some beer. And boy did we love your first three games... "The best game we ever played".
We made our friends buy the game, and they loved it too. Thats how it goes when you make a good game. People talks about it and promotes it!
But i guess you know that.
Now here´s my question:
Wy the hell did you guys remove the "IMAO" best part of the game?
And now crippling it even more?
Maybe Conflict 4 is just as fun playing or even funnier, but i never played it neither did my friends nor their friends and so on... Wy?
Because it doesn´t have the 4-player Co-Op Splitscreen function...
Please support the non Live gamers too and find you roots again!!
Or you can join the line of boring FPS Games... but i´ll tell you that line is looooooong!

Man i hope they change their mind... Anyone knows if someone from the company reads theese posts?

P.s. We havnt been playing any good splitscreen co-op games latley does anyone know a fun one for 4 players? :)

27th Dec 2007, 19:04
1. 3rd person view
2. 4 man teams
3 It won't BE conflict without the above.

Totally Agree.
If is not following the original story (same soldiers, continued missions, same modes, etc), then it's not conflict, is just another game.
We want to play 'Conflict'!

I hope some body pays atention to our words...

12th Jan 2008, 12:16
you guys did an excellent job developing the series--but what's up with C/Denied--you have made a big mistake by going away from the 3rd person view /4 Men(Red team) WOW IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK FOR...that's the reason that I purchased the Conflict series...and not the other games....Why did you guys allow someone to come into your organization and change the concept..because I know as good business men neither of you would have been so DUMB...YOU LOSE ON THIS ONE BIG TIME.....IT REALLY DOES NOT MATTER HOW GOOD THE NEW GAME IS --IT'S NOT CONFLICT...YOU FAIL TO FOLLOW THE STORY LINE --WITH THE BEST DAMN TEAM EVER this is killing me. The fans have waited for almost three years for nothing.now we have to suffer maybe you guys have made too much money to care...PS2--FANS ARE ALL --SOL--WITH this one KD