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1st Nov 2007, 04:10
I'm sorry to make another thread but seriously this is all too confusing.

If you visit:


It says Kane and Lynch is due out on November 14th

If you click Kane and Lynch; enter your birth date it says November 23rd (in stores)

If you read the headline news on that same page, so therefore look a bit down you'll read

09.26.07 - RELEASE DATE ANNOUNCEMENT Kane & Lynch: Dead Men will be available in stores beginning November 14th on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC Games for Windows.

Okay but if you go to Gamestop.com it says:

Pre Release: Ships November 20th


So what is the date??

November 14th?
November 15th?
November 21st?
November 23rd?

Now I've been keeping track for the most part.

Gamestop.com has always had it November 20th for over a week
Eidos has had it at November 20th for a long time too except as of today if not a day or two ago it now reads November 14th.

So I want to say "November 14th"

On the other hand if you go to the true website of Kane and Lynch it says November 23rd.

And someone (poster a few below me) said that Kane and Lynch is going gold and selling a week early:

We're excited to ship Kane & Lynch: Dead Men earlier than expected and get a jump on the holiday season," said Robert Lindsey, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Eidos Inc. "Kane & Lynch will offer something entirely fresh and unique in terms of narrative depth and character, but also as a next-generation action title."

excerpt from http://forums.eidosgames.com/showthread.php?t=73027

So can we get an official response on these boards perhaps a sticky, in bold letters, caps letters, or a response to EACH of our own threads LOL and maybe even in with the "offical kane and lynch question thread v1" please.......thank you :)

1st Nov 2007, 04:38
14th it was pushed forward by Eidos and has achieved gold status. I know this for 100%. Other websites etc probably haven't updated that info yet. Do not worry the game will be in your hands the 15th. Ships the 14th. Pick it up the 15th. Pre order it to make sure you're guaranteed the copy at your local store.

1st Nov 2007, 04:41
yeah its safe to say Nov 14th. BestBuy.com has it listed for the 14th and so do the ads on ign.com, im about to still pre order it for the pc with gamestop though so i can get my free t-shirt

2nd Nov 2007, 02:51
Hmm yeah Gamestop.com just updated their site today; Ships 13th

2nd Nov 2007, 13:34

4th Nov 2007, 15:09
Yeah the game is coming out on the 13th. I called Gamestop and Asked when and the person I talked to said it is coming out on the 13th.