View Full Version : USER INTERFACE NA servers only have 10 of the same people playing...questions about it

4th Dec 2013, 00:02
1. I only play with the same 5-7 people every test day...why is there only one game available in matchmaking? (other than the useless to try beginner matchmaking)
2. I have multiple friends that want in, but can't even play a game with me because there is usually only 1-2 spots left because of a certain group that plays together every day...can we get a bit more people in?
2 cont.-The one server is useless to play on because the people in it range between lvl 8-13 and can't be stopped and are always grouped.

Thanks for taking the time to read this!

4th Dec 2013, 01:22
1) There's only a handful of people playing the game because it is still in the closed alpha stage. That also answers the question to why there is only one game type. They will be adding new game modes later on, but the game is still in a very early stage.

2) Also, i have been able to play loads of games during the past couple of weeks, but I do admit the matchmaking takes quite a long time. They will be gradually inviting more players as the game starts to become more developed and once the game hits the beta stage. (Which it hasn't hit yet, just so you know)

2 Cont.) I would not say people using teamwork and being a challenge to fight is a bad thing, but I guess it is bad for new players to go up against players with a little bit of experience already. Again, this issue might be fixed once the start inviting more players to fill up the Matchmaking system for new players.

P.S. I wasn't quite sure what exactly was the problem in 2 cont. so excuse me if I misunderstood you. :)

4th Dec 2013, 01:43
North America invites have lagged behind European ones. We have requested more players be added but I believe Square was waiting for players to return from Thanksgiving break before sending out additional invites.

We are very aware of the lack of players online to matchmake against. The real fix will be getting to Beta and exposing the game to a lot more users (more users = faster matchmaking, more players available around your skill level, etc.), but hopefully we can bump up the Alpha numbers soon to improve the experience for you guys.

4th Dec 2013, 02:57
If it makes you feel any better, I'm level 13, and I still sometimes get matched up against people that totally obliterate my team :). There are just some really skilled people playing. If you watch how they play, it will help you get better too.

4th Dec 2013, 03:04
Yeah, the only real frustrating part is getting queued against people that are playing together and have coordination while your team runs around aimlessly and separated. I'm looking at you, Stiberis/Speedie! :D

4th Dec 2013, 05:25
Thank you guys for the replies. And yes, you did answer correctly. i just meant for the cont. part to be more of a P.S. note. This game is awesome and i'm loving it. so good work and keep it up!

4th Dec 2013, 17:47
Well I am in Florida and got the invite today so hello peeps. I'll be online tonight for a few hours checking out the gameplay.