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bent toe
31st Oct 2007, 11:36
Everything multiplayer in K&L speaks against a succesful and long lifed mp experience.

You got 3 different loadouts to get, 30.000, 60.000 and 90.000 i belive, its not that you can change and customize to your likings.
When you got the third one, then what?

So far it seems that the playermodels are random and you can not be set with one particual, its different each round.. this shows clearly in gamespots button mashing, ep. 22 i belive?
How fun is that? I saw one i really liked.. with a ballistic mask... but i cant use that model each round?

A.I in the maps spawn exactly the same each round. (just look at the different videos out there, gamespot preview, ign, gamereactor etc)
This is outrageous.. what were IO thinking?
Both you and me know how fast that will get old...

There are ONLY four mp/co-op maps.
Lets say you find 7 other friends to play online with.. lets say you set each map for 7 rounds, each round takes approximilty 5 minutes, 5 times 7 = 35 minutes, 35 minutes times 4 = 140 minutes (2 hours 20 mins) and then you played through the 4 maps... lets say you wanna play again.. so you give it another 2 hours and 20 minutes, now you really get the hang of the maps.
And after this playthrough you guys call it the night... next day your all static about playing it again because last night was so fun.. and tonite will be aswell.
The third night it wont... exactly the same four maps, exactly the same A.I behaviour each round..
Fourth night.. wow, this feels totally fresh and new.... NOT!

"Hey guys.. ima go play something else tonite.."
" Yea me too.."

Okay you say.. but it still has the awsome co-op...
Right.. lets talk about that, if they made it online, this game would have a much better chance as a longlifed mp game.. now IO went and ****ed this up aswell...
Do you always have a friend over at your house to play co-cop?
Do you have 20 different friends who all just sit at home waiting for you to call them over for some K&L co-op?
Some of us have kids, family and are in mid 30's, we usually dont invite game buddies over to play co-op... sure, it happens... but rarely.

I'm as excited about this game as you are.. this is in my top list and as much as i love CoD 4 and Assassins creed will be awsome and Mass effect will be humungus and epic... K&L is still the top game with brutal action and realistic shootouts.
Single player will be awsome... co-op will be **** and mp will be boring after a week.

This makes me sad.. if only IO thought different.
If they made the ability to pick your favourite model, maybe even do some custom stuff on him, added 20+ different weapons in the game for you to purchase and upgrade, made atleast 10 mp maps out of the box and with alternative day/night settings, added a old fashioned gametype 4 vs 4 and with civilians inbetween and you got minues points if you killed a civilian.. alive TDM maps.
Then K&L would have a better chance of becoming longlifed.

The thing with K&L is that it isent a Halo or a CoD or a Forza... its a smal narrow game that only really hardcore gamers will get, this game isent for the casual gamer out there who likes big guns, driveable vehicles or easy adaptive multiplayer..

So my biggest concern is.. in 2 months, how many will be playing this game online? You got Halo 3, CoD4, Mass effect, Ace combat etc all competing for the players.
Sure there will always be a selected few who still plays.. you can even find 4-5 guys still playing Quake 4.
But even if i and a few others still will be devoted online.. how fun is it to nearly never find any servers or people to play with?
Lets say IO dident make a server list in K&L.. only a matchmaking? The kind in Quake 4... its impossible to find a game.

But there will be DLC!
Will it?
How do you know... did Hitman get any DLC? nope..
The DLC will be free!
Really? Last time i checked 90% of all dlc for games costs money.. this is something that the boys over at MS will make sure of.
Even if there will be dlc in forms of more maps... and even if they are free.. how many will still be around when they get released?
Even if it just took a month.. the mp would be dead because of the same old 4 maps... not many of you would play mp for a month and not get bored with the same 4 maps... just look at cod 4 beta, people were screaming for more maps after 2 weeks... and thats a beta with alot of players and upgrades etc.

And within a month most of us has played through the sp 2-3 times, got all the achivements, played co-op with 5-6 different pal's....

So, unfortunally fellas.. this game is (even if it hurts me to say it) dead on the ONLINE scene even before its released.

Only two things can save K&L from this faith..
A DLC on the release day, with 5-6 more maps.. for FREE or we will get the guys who bought the map pack and the guys who dident.. and then we would be split in two, hence, even worse.
A patch within a month with some sort of real co-op play over Live, be it all the scenarios from the campaign but without cutscenes and what not, or custom made maps specific for co-op online.

If IO decided to just make K&L a sp game.. then i would have no beef with this, but they dident, instead they added some halfbaked "mp/co-op" that will do nothing to make the game a keeper after the sp is done.

I am still buying this game.

This is NOT a rant or a post to stirr things up, this is me, as a consumer and fan, being worried that our favourite game will be forgotten in a month or two, i cant wait for Fragile alliance.. sounds awsome.. but with only four maps? .. makes me sad.