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30th Oct 2007, 15:14
hi to all... i have searched this forum for no sound topics and found several people with no ingame sound or distorsion sound but i would like to explain my in different post so sorry for starting new thread...

ok .... i just got a game , install it and i installed a patch.

i have AMD athlon 64 bit with Sound card integrated in the ASUS mainboard.

So, when i start the game i get EIDOS screen "WITH SOUND AND EVERITHING" and then a couple of more demo screens of Nvidia all with sound but then the game starts to load and the MAIN MENU SCREEN appears with a picture of that town and the storm and i dont hear ANYTHING... there is no sound at all. in options menu i have no AUDIO options selected no EAX selected, nothing... and when i start the game there is no ingame sound at all

please help me... the game seems GREAT and i would realy like to play it

thanx and best regards

31st Oct 2007, 02:38
I don't really know what is causing your problem, but I have a guess. I think it is your integrated sound. The first thing you should do is to try installing the latest drivers for your sound system. Another possibility is that your integrated sound is incompatible with Thief. I know that on occasion I have had problems with integrated sound, and they have been fixed by installing a separate sound card and disabling integrated sound in the BIOS. That could be it, too.

Before you go to the expense, can you find someone with a spare sound card they could slip into your computer, just to see if it works?

I guess the reason why the integrated sound played the intro videos is that these videos are in a well known format that was undoubtedly debugged on the integrated sound system. Thief sound is different. I don't know the details, but I believe they have their own sound propagation system and they compose sounds and send them to the card in real time - much more demanding than audio playback. So, speculating, maybe there are some key commands needed to initialize the sound system in game that are incompatible with the integrated sound you have.

31st Oct 2007, 06:46
GOOOOD I REPAIR IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I saw here on some topic that i need to MUTE Microphone and CD player volume. so i did it and it WORKS!!!!!!!!!! hehehehehhe i works perfectly!!!!!!! no sound distorsion... no sound repeating

THanx anyway:) :)

1st Nov 2007, 06:46
That is a strange fix, but I'm glad it worked. I don't have to mute anything with my real sound card.