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28th Oct 2007, 23:28
Hi im new to Eidos forums and I got just cause 2 days ago.
I have some problems though.

1) I downloaded the demo about a week ago, and although my pc is excellent and holds many good games, the quality was crap.

2)The mountains went invisible, and you could see what was behind them through them.

3) The movement and actions rico did were slow and gameplaykept stopping and starting.

I thought it was just the demo that was bad, and sucessfully installed the real game.


1) I can still see trough the mountains.

2) Movement is still occasionally chopy.

3) Sometimes it COMPLETELY FREEZES after about 45 mins.

It is still working alright, and I am quite far on the game. The graphics on my copy are still awesome, its just the mountains and floor that ruin it.

My pc is really good, and holds many games like all the bf1942's, Max Payne 1 & 2, all the Hitmans, bf vietnam, al the call of duty's and many more.

For some reason this is the ONLY game that messes up.
My pc:
AMD athalon XP 1800+, MMX, 3D now, ~1.5GHz

Memory: 1024MB
Page file: 456MB used, 1240 avaliable.
DirectX 9.0c

29th Oct 2007, 19:24
Somebody please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

29th Oct 2007, 20:35
Ok let me comment on the 1., 2., 3. if i may

1.) If you can see through the mountains go closer and they should re-appear, if not then see what happens if you go into them or restart the game.
2.) The movement can get ocassionally choppy, this is normally not to do with the game although in your case it looks like it is.
3.) The game will freeze unevitibly every so often, nothings wrong it just does that after gameplay for quite a while.

But in conclusion, the PC seems to be having more problems with the game than the 360 or ps2, i have the 360 version, it doesn't do anything wrong apart from the ocassional freeze. I think in a sad conclusion that there is only one conclusion to your plee, re-install the game if you want to.

One last question, did you buy it pre-owned?

29th Oct 2007, 22:00
Well I bought it off ebay so probably yes.

29th Oct 2007, 22:38
Yes, the mountains do re-appear when I go near them, but when flying and skydiving, it just ruins the game!

30th Oct 2007, 19:21
I would've thought so, its normally it loading the scenery slow.
As its pre-ordered the other owner could've had it for ages, and after a while like my old ps2 version it did exactly what you did but i couldn't go further than 300 feet without plunging into the ground!:eek:
Just cause gets choppy after about 3 months maybe more, if the owner has had it for more than that the sad thing is its probally 'expired':(

10th Jan 2008, 02:10
Hmm to be honest your PC isn't good, in fact it's already outdated. You're still relying on single cores and 1.5GHz is very low. Of course, this game doesn't have high requirements so that doesn't matter. The thing is, I'm not getting this problem at all on my copy, expect occasional lags.