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26th Oct 2007, 17:44
I've successfully loaded Thief DS onto a new Dell Dimension 9200 but whenever I try to launch the game it comes up with a message "abnormal program termination". Any ideas? I tried setting it up for Windows XP but to no avail.

I'm a huge fan so any help would be well received.:mad2:

23rd Nov 2007, 10:52
I have as well problem with lunching Thief Deadly shadow on Vista, on Inspiron 9400, whne I check directX and grpahic card every thing is compatible and when I click play game only loading disc appear next to my mouse pointer but DVD is not spinning.

23rd Nov 2007, 12:06
Exactly the same for me - unfortunately I have yet to receive a fix but if I do, I'll post it here...maybe it'll work for you too?

23rd Nov 2007, 13:02
See if this thread is of any help:

28th Dec 2007, 21:52
I've tried contacting support at eidos, but the official line is Vista is not supported.:mad2:
Doesn't mean it won't work, though.

I had the game running in vista, but lockpicks were troublesome and I couldn't climb ladders, which stopped me progressing to the Pagan mission. After much tweaking of the default.ini file, I turned on V-sync in game, now runs great.

:thumbsup: :D