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26th Oct 2007, 01:02
He ya there!
I've been hearing lately, the multi player is just despicable on 360, is this true?
No games ever played or hosted?
Thanks because i've played the demo and was debating to pick it up tomorrow...

4th Nov 2007, 16:14
There are still games, but not as many as there used to. All the people are new, and most don't have the DLC map. I played Coral yesterday.

4th Nov 2007, 19:28
yes me and crazy did a match all but one person on the other team left but atlest i like the catalena now after that

5th Nov 2007, 22:32
Took you long enough. lol

5th Nov 2007, 23:32
well i didont now it cood sink a CV and i didont like it a first for a heads up for slicer

9th Nov 2007, 03:40
The community is small but persistant. There are usually 3-4 big games going at any one time. The lobby can seem empty because matches take so long. The other thing is that the game has a lot of international players. So the lobby might feel desolate at 4pm compared to more popular/current 360 titles, but by 4am those servers are dead and Battlestations is still going.

This is one of those games like Crimson Skies that will have a small but extremely dedicated following long after the conventional point of reason. There's nothing else like it, so until Battlestations 2 comes out, we're all going to be checking back into the game now and then to get our fix.

10th Nov 2007, 23:31
Actualy there is one game like it, and it to had a small, but extremly dedicated fan base. That game is Kingdom Under Fire. The only reason I stopped playing was that it wasn't backwards compatibly on the 360.

11th Nov 2007, 01:27
off crinson skyes i got that with my XBL

on topic: well if we are dedicated and come every day and post every day then the time may go by faster:rolleyes:

11th Nov 2007, 04:05
Maybe, maybe...