View Full Version : ABILITIES Hunter Bola Bugged?

3rd Dec 2013, 18:55
I played a few (ok many) games yesterday, and I noticed that if I was just behind a hunter, then his bola would still hit me. The animation from beginning the throw was not quite reaching me, but i still got tangled. I think this might just be a minor issue with collision detection on the animation, but it has resulted in my death (I was sentinel everytime this happened, so no evades or breaks) and in one case, prevented the round from being a tie to off by one (His health remaining was negligible when I got hit)
Has anyone else encountered this problem?

3rd Dec 2013, 20:50
This issue is caused by latecy that the servers are still having (will probably be less when CB and OB comes)

Its the same as dodging before getting hit and still being hit of kidnapped.
As long as the server registers that the bola already hitted you before you "evaded" it, the bola will hit.

4th Dec 2013, 12:32
Hehe I remember a certain hirukaru complaining about my abduct yesterday :friends: