View Full Version : BO1/2 The hylden Lord (spoilers)

23rd Oct 2007, 04:51
At the end of Blood omen 1 Kain defeats Mortanius and then the Hylden lord takes control over his body, Kain had the Soul Reaver so when he kills the Hylden Lord how did his soul survive to then possess Janos in the altered time line?

Also if Kain resurrected Vorador was he not subject to Kain's corruption like his vampire sons from the SR1 era?

23rd Oct 2007, 07:32
I think the official answer is supposed to be that the Hylden Lord left the body right before Kain was going to kill him in Blood Omen, while in Blood Omen 2 it was his real body or just more connected to his soul, so he couldn't leave (though I remember someone's idea about the Hylden Lord leaving his body right then and going into Kain to hide until the time was right. That was a pretty cool idea).
And it's never said that Kain brought Vorador back. I personally think it was Janos that did at the point when he teleports away after giving Raziel the key to the Spirit Forge. I figure that Vorador was unconsious for a while after coming back to life, and that's why he didn't know that Janos was alive in Blood Omen 2.