View Full Version : Disc emulation software detected

20th Oct 2007, 21:11
Hi everybody, I did a search on this and found no help at all so I am asking you all directly. I just installed Hitman: Contracts and when I try to run the game it says "Disc emulation software detected." The computer I am on just had windows recovered to its original shipment state, so the only other program on my computer right now is Trend Micro. I had Roxio burning software on my comp but I figured that might have been the problem so I unsinstalled it. I also turned off my virus scanner, but still get the "disc emulation software detected". Can anyone help me I really want to play this game!

21st Oct 2007, 09:30
It's probably the copy protection being over protective. Fastest way for a fix is to send a mail to support@securom.com

21st Oct 2007, 12:01
alrighty thanks for the response.