View Full Version : Hitman BM reboots after about 5 minutes

15th Oct 2007, 19:45
I have played this game on this system before, and it worked fine.

(I uninstalled it for F.E.A.R, but I beat F.E.A.R and had too many Hitman withdrawls.)

But now, I will play on the tutorial level for a few minutes, and my computer will just reboot. It happens at no specific point, and only while playing Hitman.

I have tried:
Tweaking the graphics
Making sure that Automatically Restart in S&R was not checked.
Reinstalling it
Uninstalling it, cleaning it from the registry and everything, then installing it again.
Switching difficulties.
Turning my sound specs down.
Even tried swapping to a slightly older video card.
And yes, I tried rebooting. Actually, 47 made me reboot, but still.

Here are my basic computer specs:
OS: Windows 2000 Professional
Processor: AMD Sempron 2200+
RAM: 1280 MB (DDR)
Video Card: ATI Radeon 9700 Pro (SM 2.0)
Direct X: 9.0c, latest version
Sound Card: Whatever happens to be the built-in one, but whatever it is, it works great, EAX works fine on it.

The only difference from last time I played it (When it worked), is that I only had 512 MBs of ram.

Any ideas on how to fix this?

5th Jan 2008, 23:29
got same problem,anyone know a fix??

11th Jan 2008, 04:08
To the both of you; you didnt own or presently own an NVidia Video card do you?

I do and when I was playing a PC game it would crash on me, only to find out that I needed to update my Video Driver

I think NVidia has a built in monitor to tell you that your graphics driver is out of date somehow.

OOH also I dont think Windows Update will update your Direct X, so I would suggest to download the latest Direct X drivers, you might be surprised that there is a file or two missing which could help?

Sound card drivers?

I'm also sure Eidos Tech would recommend making sure nothing else is running in the background including virus scans. Disable access to the internet, then disable your virus program then play the game

12th Jan 2008, 01:29
i finally got bloodmoney to work,i had a augidy 2 soundcard and tried using a diffrent type of card,stopped all crashes.