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15th Oct 2007, 19:11
Hey there!

I've got a question about the multiplayer part of this game!
I saw an interview with one of the developers and they said something about character customization, they said that they have been thinking about it but then decided not to add it to the game! If I'm not completley wrong that is.
When i saw them playing online i noticed that all of the players had diffirent clothes and such. When you join a game will the game randomly choose a guy for you? If so, then fine. But what i would like to see is that you can go to a certain menue and choose "Character" and then you can change the appearnce of your guy. For example, hairstyle, facial hair, clothes/mask and body armor. and then when you play for example fragile alliance and you get some cash, there will be a shop where you can buy new clothes and weapons.

for example, i buy a bulletproof vest for 100$ and i have 200$ then i will have 100$ left, then if i go and play some more, i'll get more cash so i can buy more clothes/bodyarmor and weapons! if this would be added to the game, it would be AWESOME! And i bet there are people who agree with me.
One thing i just hope for is that some guy from developers will see this post and eventually get some second toughts about my suggestion.
I'd love to see this ingame!

Thanks for reading!

PS: If you agree with me, then please leave a replie to show that you agree with me, if this idea will get popular you might aswell see it in game! ;)

16th Oct 2007, 07:40
I agree with you.
But it's not necessary I think, it ain't a MMO.
But any customization and easy editing is always awesome!

16th Oct 2007, 14:29
yea, it's not an MMO but it would still be awesome!

if anyone else agrees then please post here! :)

17th Oct 2007, 20:13
doesn't anybody like my idea? come'on! one small comment! just one single line of text! just tell me what you think! if you show enough interest they might do it!

come'on! :(

16th Nov 2007, 00:35
this is a good idea but its to much work for the dev team this was turnig out to be a great game then fizziled out this game should have been a budget title for 30 dollars then spend the other 30 on down loads for it you their coming and going to cost u .I consider this a of the devlopment teams time to put such crap with such a great idea.