View Full Version : strike on the monster

13th Oct 2007, 13:35
hi all, new to this forum.... i just started this game and i am having trouble with this first challenge, am i supposed to be able to take control of the Yamashiro ( damage control and artilllery ) or just formation control:confused: ? because i can't switch over to control that ship other direct it to where i want it:mad2: . i am on XBL and there is no downloadable content available (i thought i might need a patch). thanx in advance:D

13th Oct 2007, 18:31
formation only for the big' Y and DLC there is a "Iowa map pack" or something like that, and patch the game should automatically update its self

15th Oct 2007, 19:48
You have to go to Market place, games, Battlestations Midway, Iowa Mission, download! Then after DL, go into BSM, Go to DL Content, switch ON, PLAY!! Also, you can't use the Yamishiro in SOM.