View Full Version : 25 to Life and Vista..

8th Oct 2007, 23:09
it doesnt work. it freezes on about the 6th checkpoint in the first chapter.

i hope this gets fixed cause its very annoying knowing the fact that eidos doesnt fix their games for Vista (Theif is another one)

ne ways. it freezes whenever a cop shoots at u, or when a cop talks, it doesnt completely freeze, it more likely glitches out for a second then comes back. it freezes for a second then kicks back in lol.

another thing is later on in the 6th checkpoint, u can shoot a barrel that will cause an explosion, which is around a corner with 2 cop cars and a few cops.

once u shoot this barrel, the game freezes completely, but u can hear everything that is going on (footsteps, ur shots) u just dont have any visual.

9th Oct 2007, 03:26
i meant the 5th chapter, my mistake

i have tried a few things

i tried switching compatibility to SP2, i have tried updating my DirectX.

ill keep trying stuff, maybe ill might get it. if i figure it out, ill post it, but either way, there should be a fix!

9th Oct 2007, 21:12
CRAP, i mean the 5th checkpoint, first chapter, my mistake AGAIN lol.

Matthew Kane
28th Apr 2008, 10:50
uhmmm...I had the exact same problem..even though my pc is much too high end for this game to lag on it:p But I obtained a patch update and after that it fixed 90% of the glitching and brief pausing when your doing a lot of stuff or their is a lot of stuff on the screen!

22nd Dec 2008, 20:32
where did u get this "patch"?