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7th Oct 2007, 01:44
Yeah I installed the level editor and I thought since my computer has been advanced so much (it can handle Anniversary very nicely - more than what the Ps2 can do), I set all the bits to 32 bit and the 1280 by 1024 resolution and turn all graphics to the max other than the ones that gives low textures and stuff.

So yeah when I start it (without altering any files) just to see if it'd work, it'd always crash, whilst hearing the menu music going on yet still the game doesn't work and the usual window pops saying like
"saying yaddiyada encountered a problem and needs to be closed..."

So I have a feeling it's something to do with the resolution otherwise I'm wrong..and my computer is all good for it and can handle Last Revelation before but I have a feeling once I install that game and play it now, it won't work either...

So is there anyway to go back and change the resolution? I don't see any available options from the Start menu to the TRLE spot (it's not there since I downloaded this from the internet - the Level Editor disc I have is all scratched up so...) The only time I got my chance to do my adjustments was when I first launched the game, that window would pop up and that was the only time.

7th Oct 2007, 06:29
Open a command prompt. Go to the TRLE folder. Run
tomb4 -setup

You can also make a copy of the tomb4 shortcut. Right click and go to properties. Change the target by adding -setup to the end (after the closing quote).