View Full Version : Croft Manor crashing problem?

6th Oct 2007, 21:25
Hello, I'm new here, and this is my first Tomb Raider game. I've started a usual game and things seem to work fine (my computer works very well :3), but whenever I try to start a Croft Manor test on my profile (default profile works alright), the game stops loading at anywhere from 60-90% then proceeds to crash on me.

I've searched the forums for possible solutions, but the other croft manor problems don't seem to be exactly the same to the one I'm having o___o

10th Oct 2007, 16:51
I have same problem, loading screen goes to about 50% then crashes without a warning back to windows desktop. It works fine on default profile though...
I don't want to start all over again from the beginning...

10th Oct 2007, 17:12
Just noticed that it's possible to play the manor if you load it from the "replay level" menu. Silly how that works but not from the main menu.