View Full Version : Final Conflict

6th Oct 2007, 04:18
Hey...anyone...I am just so tired after two weeks of trying to get that big FAT thing to fall over the edge in the Final, but only once has it happened.:mad2: :mad2: I do the AD just fine, I see the double red things, and go after him again and again. I even try to get close to the edge, but he bumps me off before I can AD out of the way, or the AD slides me right over the edge. I am totally:confused: I really want to end this game and get on with my life!!! Yeah, I LOVE TRA, and am so into finishing I cannot just quit. I've read all the tricks to killing it, shooting it's hand when stuck, which also seldom happens, which means getting him to hit the wall. I have watched YouTube video...looks easy, but can't get er' done!!! Any suggestions to help me finish would be greatly appreciated:)