View Full Version : Commandos: BEL on Windows XP

3rd Oct 2007, 15:54

I have a problem with running Commandos: BEL on my computer
Installing is fine, no problems there, but when i start comandos.exe
i see the commandos logo for a split second, then the screen goes black, and
i hear the music from the video's but i dont SEE the video's..
after the music is over, the screen just stays black, and there is nothing i can do but to press the windows key and rightclick commandos and exit it..
I think the problem is, like many have, windows XP..
I have tried every patch (with a working link) on this forum already, none of them work
I also tried the compatibility thing, doesnt work as well :( any other suggestions?

thanks in advance

3rd Oct 2007, 16:05
I've had BEL running fine on my pc. Have you tried updating your video card drivers? It may be that the problem lies there.

3rd Oct 2007, 18:25
Updated drivers, but it still doesnt work :(

On a sidenote, if i start the game without the cd, i get in the menu immediately, but to actually play the game i need the cd, and then when a movie start it doesnt work again, so its definetely the movies which are giving me problems

3rd Oct 2007, 18:44
Its fixed, kinda,
i just play without the cd, and when the game asks me to insert the disc i dont, and play the game without movies, guess that will have to do ;)