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1st Oct 2007, 04:42
So I'm a bit of a late adopter, but I haven't had a gaming PC for a few years. I just bought the PC version of the first Lego Star Wars and everything works seamlessly except changing resolutions in-game (which causes a program fault) and enforcing AA (which doesn't remain enforced in-game). Neither of these two are very important, and the game runs smashingly with one exception:

I have a dual monitor, horizontal span setup and the game aspect appears to be locked at ratio close to 4:3. Any suggestions on how to establish an aspect ratio in-game consistent with my native aspect ratio?

I have an Nvidia card and I typically run my maximum resolution of 1600x600 (800x600 per Gateway Destination 31" monitor). To attempt compensation on my own, I added a custom resolution to establish a horizontal span of 2048x600 (thereby squishing the screen horizontally) and loaded Lego Star Wars. The splash screen displayed, but upon entering 3D mode, the screen blanked, and kicked down to 640x480 on a single display.

I would like to span both monitors at 1600x600 with the correct aspect ratio, but that implies I would need some way to convince Lego Star Wars to operate at a native aspect ration instead of 4:3.

I installed the RTM release and have installed the Z-Axis patch, though I didn't require it.