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25th Sep 2007, 15:55
hey guys

My name is Stranger1992. I am new here but I have been doing TRLE for about 2 years now. I am registered on all the forums as the same name so if you know me here you know me anywhere :D.

this is a bit of a weirder thread but i am looking to see possible people that would like to work with me on a levelset starting early January 2008, possibly even as early as the 3rd. I am asking now simply put because this time next week (30th September-7th October) I am going to Bosnia-Herzegovina working with rural and inner city schools with music andI am planning to write the storyline ect on the plane journeys (UK-Vienna-Sarejevo-Vienna-UK). I am not asking for a definate YES but i am simply looking to determine some sort of interest. I do not want to sound arrogant or something and presume just really looking for interest.

many thanks.

(s92) Daniel

I posted this on the Tombraiderforums (dont kill me if there is a feeling between these 2 forums i am new here lool)
heres what I can do: (latest (apart from 1 level I cannot show )-earliest)







btw: this is NOT going to be a remake and I do not like timewasters.

People Who Have Expressed Interest: (TRF)

Tweetygwee,Cain,Matrix54,Zelda Master,Masked Raider,James Rutland,BASEnutter.

WANTED! Anyone up for texture art? I will want original game textures in it but some new textures cannot go without saying?

WANTED! Object Builder(s) I myself can make objects but if you are willing to help i have no problem.

WANTED! Beta Testers.You can say now or you can see what you make of this project and say then. Preferably experainced testers please

Active Man
25th Sep 2007, 16:01
Brilliant, keep it coming :thumbsup:

26th Sep 2007, 12:04
drop me a PM if you need a beta tester :)