View Full Version : game crashes when loading

23rd Sep 2007, 19:39
game used to run smoothly, then i couldnt play on fullscreen just in a window, so i uninstalled it and installed it again, then installed the latest directx for xp, restarted my comp and run the game, the fullscreen problem was fixed but it crashes everytime the loading screen appears, sumone knows wats happenign? thx

24th Sep 2007, 01:13
Not to be nasty, but I will. Yeah? I know what's happening. Your computer crashes when you start Deadly Shadows.:mad2:

No that that is off my chest. Try a SEARCH THIS FORUM for your problem, and detail the specs of your computer the error code that you got when it crashed, and if you know how to find it, the entrie(s) in your EVENTS VIEWER application and system lists in the ADMINISTRATIVE TOOLS.

You need to give details to get answers that work or may solve your problem.

Otherwise, my answer that starts this is perfectly valid.

Your problem is you computer crashes. :mad2: