View Full Version : Croft Manor Gym armatures don't turn 90 degrees

22nd Sep 2007, 21:25
I'm using Stella's Walkthrough to play TRA. I'm in the Croft Manor, at the gym, and find that I can run and jump to the armatures, but that they either turn backwards or don't turn a full 90 degrees. Laura can swing and jump, but she doesn't hit the metal handhold on the wall.

All drivers are updated, but I did have a heck of a time loading the game.

Any suggestions?

25th Sep 2007, 01:43
I forgot to say that this is the armatures by the wedge shaped mat #1, but I see that no one has an answer yet, anyway

27th Sep 2007, 19:01
Well one of the suggestions in the First Aid file sticky did the trick:

* Nvidia GeForce 4, Geforce 3 and GeForce MX240

If any visual or performance issues are experienced whilst using these types of graphics cards the problem is regularly fixed if the Full Screen Effects in the Display Options Menu are disabled. Please also ensure that you are using the latest available drivers for your graphics card.

But that's a hell of a fix! My drivers as discussed are up to date, why do I have to turn features off to play the game, I'll never understand :scratch:

It's a pity to have the effects available and not be able to use them.