View Full Version : some trouble w/ adding textures

the taffer
17th Sep 2007, 23:03
A problem that I did not see coming was my computer not recognizing my nikon d70. So I have been searching for software but no luck. I thought finding software for it would be easy. Need some help with this. Thanks

18th Sep 2007, 14:19
I don't think this is the right forum. Hardly anyone visits this forum and even then it's mainly for Dromed.

the taffer
19th Sep 2007, 04:08
k thanks, hopefully I find a way for my comp to recognize my camera.

22nd Sep 2007, 10:11
Try going here (http://www.soft32.com/download_170537.html).
I hope this will make your computer see it.:thumbsup: :)

the taffer
27th Sep 2007, 22:26
I bought a card reader with a best buy card I have not spent in ages. Thanks, anyway, for the site Gort. Adding textures is a little harder than I thought. lol