View Full Version : Copying Final Fantasy elements for other games

30th Nov 2013, 05:43
I'm not sure if you have anything to do with "Zenonia" the action/RPG for iOS & PSP BUT! They really ripped off a few elements from your games that I love so much, with out going into detail just one to say the least is a knock off version of Magitek suits, Seen in the beginning cutscenes of The first installment. I believe you should show them who's boss and possibly do a hack 'n' slash with heavy JRPG elements. I'm certain it would be greatly appreciated Im sure the world loved sword of mana and the rest of the mana series that got localized of course! If you or anyone even read this thanks and keep up the great work :)

30th Nov 2013, 05:44
Sorry for long post -_-

30th Nov 2013, 07:37
Oh more importantly they stole the holy knight and dark knight skill animations from Final Fantasy Tactics which was among the most disturbing... They're thieves.