View Full Version : USER INTERFACE Feature request: stop players from auto-joining new games if they are inactive

30th Nov 2013, 03:21
There were 2-3 matches earlier this week where someone joined, then walked away from their PC. Unfortunately for several teams, what that meant is that they lost, then the inactive player got dropped back into the queue for a new game, got matched up with some other people, those people lost, etc. etc.

If there's no input from someone for a couple of minutes, is there any reason not to auto-kick them, or at least set a flag that kicks them back to the initial screen after that match is over, so they have to explicitly search for a game to join rather than being re-queued automatically?

30th Nov 2013, 17:52
It is indeed a good feature to kick the "auto gold collectors" from the game. Maby it is something for the future.
Thanks for the request and hopefully the team will read it and put it in there big large agenda...