View Full Version : Great Pyramid - 4th Retrarcting Ledge

13th Sep 2007, 18:13
Please, anyone. I cannot seem to get Lara to go high enough to get to broken column after first grapple/hook. Stuck here for days now. Any assistance here would be so helpful:o I have tried both areas to go to...first the corner column, then grapple, but she still can't seem to get high enough to jump to that other column to make it to the next grapple. Then I've run right off the edge toward the wall, held the "jump" key (I'm on PC) and then grapple...still not high enough and then get dropped because time runs out. I am :mad2: :mad2: , to say the least. I got past the hard one by jumping to that little broken place, stopped there, shot at the button to give me more time, and made it to the ledge. That was very hard, but someone suggested doing this and it worked. Made it through the 3rd ledge just fine, and now stuck!!! :confused: Any advice here?? Thanks for all the input from this Forum.