View Full Version : SENTINEL Flying Point of View

30th Nov 2013, 00:41
One of the things that is consistently irritating me is the camera angle while flying with the sentinel. Maybe it's just me, but I find it extremely hard sometimes to gauge depth perception while trying to kidnap/abduct someone. Sometimes I feel like I'm going to hit the ground only to fly over their head and grab nothing, while others I feel like I'm completely off the ground and can coast for a second just to find that I hit the ground between 2 hunters and an alchemist and get toasted in less than a second.

I think part of this it to the slight downward angle, maybe something even as simple as leveling out the sentinel during the 2 seconds or so while the actual kidnap/abduct is active, and continuing downward on a miss; or possibly even just slightly raise the "arm length" of the sentinel while diving slightly. I find it pretty upsetting to think the angle is perfect to separate someone from a group, just to land on the ground right in front of them.

30th Nov 2013, 10:06
Agree about the angle. I think there is a slight angle but it is slight so there are plenty of situations when you can't see what you need to see to do the right thing. Can we have a look down button or look behind button like in a race car game. It kind of seems appropriate in this game for the sentinal.

Explanation of abduct:
When you abduct you have maybe a 1.5 sec window to get a grab. Also you have to HOLD the button, at least I have much better results when I do. This could be a bug because I almost always hear the abduct sound go off twice. Maybe when I'm holding it it resets and fires twice, not sure.

So best way to use this skill is to dive, and fast. I think FOV changes slightly when you do this to a smaller value. Similar to charging a bow shot but not as much. Gives that speed feeling. So your diving, right before you hit the ground you must hit abduct, that is why its important to get very close to your target when your diving. Abduct lasts 1.5 seconds mbe a little more but not much, if you miss you end up landing, congrats your dead. While abduct is active, you CANNOT land. This is a design choice and basically always works. You will however land if your lagging and you hit abduct too late, server does not register it and you land instead of abducting. Poop.

If you dive before an abduct the extra speed will give you way better height and damage making it a lot more successful. Depending on your skill loadout you now go for the cheese maneuver, turn very fast and dive bomb them or turn, land and melee/wing gust/puncture for the kill.

My personal favorite is to replace dive bomb with blast off, simply because its an escape ability. Which the Sentinal on the default loadout lacks. Nothing worse than landing while performing a kidnap/abduct, so this will save you when you do that (oops).