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10th Sep 2007, 13:18
I have a new system with Vista.
Core 2Quad core Processor
Video card DUAL 256nVida 860GTS
Which a lot seem to be having problems with including me.
There at TTLG Many have said the 800 series cards seem to be a problem.
All the colours are mottled and green and things hardly visible.
I don't know if there is a solution .
If it is just Vista or that particular card?
It was also not playing crashed after a few minutes,

Someone at TTLG told me how to fix that though.

Then went into task manager (ctrl, alt, Del)
Found Thief. Set affinity. Unchecked three cores.
The game plays. Have to do it every time but still....
It works anyway.
Not tried TDS yet.

11th Sep 2007, 02:30
I have an 8800 gtx and Thief 2 and Dark Project looks the same as you describe. The problem basically is dithering. The Dark Engine which Thief is built around uses dithering to render colors like lots of older games. The new 8800 series Nvidia cards do not do dithering anymore. Technology moves onward and upward.

The only fix I have heard of is that if your monitor has two inputs and you have 2 video card slots on your motherboard you can install an older Nvidia card in that second slot, such as a 5900 or 6800 series card. You will have to switch back and forth between the two video cards in display properties when you want to play Thief 2. Thief 2 will look good as those versions still do dithering. Am not sure about the 7800 or 7900 series Nvidia cards.

The only other option is a second comp with an older video card for older games.

Thief 3 / Deadly Shadows works just fine on the 8800 series cards. It is a newer game with newer graphics and looks great.

11th Sep 2007, 06:13
For the two slot solution, I suggest you get the best performing FX 5000 series card you can find that will go in the extra slot (PCI or PCI-E). That card, with older drivers, eliminates the bad sky problem altogether. The 6800 series may be better than the 8800, but it is still poor. Another option is ATI, which has its own problems with fog and usability.

You don't really need two inputs on the monitor. You can switch cables or buy a switch if the two cards use the same type of cable.

Hi Sneak. :)

11th Sep 2007, 15:45
Thanks for the replies.
It will be worth a try.
Still have a XP with radeon X800. It is slow though and wavering.
With a lot taken off it should work to some extent better.

Did have a few problems with that radeon X800 card. I had to tweak it often.

Checked the specs

I can not use a PCI-E card. The dual proccessor is filled /PCI-E
No Slots Only one spare For a PCI :confused:
No AGP slots
It is A: XPS 710 core 2Quad core processor Q660 (2 4GHz 1066f sB 8MB CACHE)
Hard drive: 500g=GB
Memory; Dual channel 2048 MB (2X1024) 667MHz DDR2

Found three PSI Cards only/ It is whether they work. PCI CARDS were hard to find
Would it make any difference how fast they are with the cpu I have anyway

Nvida Geforce fx5200 128 MB
FX520 256 256 MB
I have not read on this one before. Or if Thief will play.

Should have left well alone!!!!

There were only two Radeon PCI cards I don't know if they would even work with Nnvida set up