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30th Nov 2013, 00:17
I find this game really enjoying but when really gets to me is the insane and unresponsive servers. I spend more time in lobbies then I do actually playing the game.

30th Nov 2013, 18:03
Dear Omegamesh,

The server times are stated: nosgoth.com/servers

Next to that the servers are beeing put on by a 3th party (if I am correct).
The servers are responding and can fill up pretty quickly, it depends on the amount of players.

Remember it is an alpha and not alot of players are invited.
Most of the times there are 4 games running and 1 game is filled with 1/2 people waiting for a game.

When one of the games finishes that room will fill up.

Also I would like to remind you that it is an Alpha.
As in lots of alpha's the servers are not perfect yet.