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9th Sep 2007, 10:32
Hi! I'm a beginner dromeder. Just wondering how to display text on a plaque directly onscreen instead of on an "art" background. I can't seem to get it to work. Thanks!:)

9th Sep 2007, 11:02
OK. First of all, if you've haven't done this already, do not mess with art part of the book section. If you did, delete that part out of the plaque's properties. Now, in the text of the book section, put in the file name of your .str that has the text you want displayed. Have you made a .str file in your custom books folder? If not, do that first. That way, you can test it.

9th Sep 2007, 11:13
I've not specified any "art". My .str is still not showing. It shows up fine if I select an "art" background, though. Thanks for replying.

9th Sep 2007, 11:20
OK, let me see...
Do this. Check the art part of book section. If you see something typed in there, delete it out and click OK.

9th Sep 2007, 11:25
There is nothing there. I added StdBook script because it did not work initially either. Perhaps I should remove that? Could I be missing a font?

9th Sep 2007, 11:43
:scratch: Wait a minute. Is this a custom made plaque?

9th Sep 2007, 11:47
Nope. It's from decorative>Plaque>GoldPlaque section. I just tried again, did nothing except add the appropriate .str file. I did not work. I sure appreciate you helping me out here. Thanks! Apparantly it doen't even work with a background now.:mad2:

9th Sep 2007, 12:03
:confused: Gee. That should work.

Maybe, by accident, something got messed up in the DARK.GAM settings. Go and open up the object hierarchy menu. Goto the plaque section . Double-click it to see it's properties. If it doesn't have it, make sure it has StdBook in the script section. This shouldn't have anything else except for the Frobinfo settings. Now check GoldPlaque properties. It should only have the model name here. Once this is all done, save your gamesys.

If everything is already the way it's suppose to be and you didn't need to change anything, forget about the info above.

If we still can't get this to work, you could always let me take a look at it to see what is wrong.
My e-mail address is...

9th Sep 2007, 12:20
:nut: Heheh... forgot to load the gen.script. It works now. But not on the Pc I usually work on, even though everything else works so I'm a bit stumped. I'll try again later with your advice in mind. Thanks a bundle, dude. :)

9th Sep 2007, 12:25
He he. If it isn't broken, don't fix it.:D