View Full Version : Who has played with me before

6th Sep 2007, 14:02
Hi all

i recently started playing BSM and i got to say its bang on the money, the multiplayer is just great.

so who has played a few games with me before if so let me know.

also are there any clans for this game or is the player base that small?

best regards grimmy

6th Sep 2007, 18:05
well you can join -=)CSF(=- bhut first i want to know your skills

7th Sep 2007, 07:57
sure feel free to add me to xbox live name is grimnaw69.

just playing custom matches, most people exit the game or close session when you are about to win ranked games

7th Sep 2007, 14:58
I don't play ranked matches
only player :D

and sometimes , when i'm really bad playing , i play the demo:lol:

and umm do you know what rank you have?