View Full Version : Abandoned FM For Thief 2, up for grabs...

3rd Sep 2007, 12:32
Yah, this is my very first FM for Thief 2. The title is "The House That Karras Built". It's a crappy FM, but it is playable with objectives. I've got some ideas from this. After a was working on this, I decided to junk this FM and start a new one, "The Mystic Estate". From then on, you now know the rest of the story. Here's the link if anyone wants to either check it out or whatever...
http://files-upload.com/files/477921/The House That Karras Built.zip

If that doesn't work, click this link...
http://files-upload.com/files/482167/The House That Karras Built.zip

Have fun!:thumbsup:
If anyone needs help playing through this FM, just ask.:D