View Full Version : Mission 11 malfunction

27th Aug 2007, 17:07
When I meet up with the Caramicas.
After we have killed the guards, Jose runs into the building to hold his speech, and the rest of the gang and me run around to the other side of the studio.

There we are supposed to fight off several attacks, but nothing happens.
I have been waiting for attacks, but nobody comes.

Strange thing: When I arrive to meet with the Caramicas, a helicopter are shooting at me, but there is no wanted level displayed.

Have destroyed the two rocket launchers, but still nothing happens.

Am I doing something wrong here, or is it a software problem?

28th Aug 2007, 16:59
Is it not possible to get past the level?:scratch:
Can you just ignore the fact there are no guards or does the game not continue?

30th Aug 2007, 23:00
I got past 11 with restarting from last ... and suddenly a timer appeared.
After two minutes the speech was finished, blew up the antenna, and got MISSION COMPLETE.

I was pretty satisfied, until the next mission started and the problem here was even greater and could only restart from where I was about to enter the chopper.

I took out SAM, but suddenly it popped up again.
I placed beacons around in the area, but suddenly it told me to place a beacon where I already had placed a beacon.

Are there anyone out there that has experienced similar problems, or is it just me?