View Full Version : nv4_disp problem... Help me please

26th Aug 2007, 13:44
I'm trying to play TRA but when I click pla manor or game it black me out and give me that problem. First it was only an error message and now it's a blue screen.
I know that it's about my videocard(BFG7300GT) drivers but I've tried a bunch of different ones from Nvidia, BFG, Leadtech, DHZero.....
But still getting that error.
I had this error on other games with my older videocard(BFG6600) but when I've put the omega drivers on, it get the problem out.
Now I've just install a newer videocard(BFG7300GT) but omega does not optimize Nvidia drivers anymore, they've stop at 6800.

I've found an half mb patch on nvidia but it does not correct my problem.
I've tried also a nv4_disp.dll file to over write the one in the system32 folder but it's not working either.

Do someone know that problem and can help me repair it, without buying a new videocard again?


4th Sep 2007, 16:36
I've found what was the problem and now all is working fine.

It was the aperture size in the BIOS it was set to 4, by setting it to 128 it has corrected the problem.

I hope that it will help someone.